FRIDAY 6AM Feb 27 6 degrees

Along the Connecticut River, Fort Hill is perfect. Also, fantastic riding on woods and powerline trails between RT 119 and Plain Rd, now that those trails are groomed. Ashuelot Trail in excellent shape. Great also on Winchester section. Pisgah SP was groomed yesterday, miles of great riding. Today and romorrow great days for riding with Sunday and beyond getting warmer. ..FEB 26. ..Ashuelot, Fort Hill have been groomed twice this week and are beautiful to ride. Winchester also actively grooming. Pisgah Park however hasn't been out this week but riding is excellent there too.. .. ..Feb 20 . . A & FH Trails beautiful. Groomed last night and set-up nicely.. .. .. FEB 21. . .5" fresh snow fell today/tonight. Snow is getting wetter now, to continue to 3am. Sunday gets above freezing during the day. .. .. 10AM. .. Ashuelot and Fort Hill trails in terrific shape having been groomed last night. Good riding also in Winchester, rail trails and woods trails are nicely groomed... ..Feb 20...Fort Hill and Ashuelot Trails in excellent shape. Tomorrow afternoon, snow to start then warm up over night. Keep fingers crossed snow doesn't turn to rain.. .. .Feb 19. . .. .Once again Fort Hill and Ashuelot groomed and in Great shape.. .. ..Feb 17. . .Warming up now, plenty of sun. Beautifully groomed Fort Hill, Ashuelot Trails await.. .. ..Feb 15. . Snowing has stopped, wind has blown off what was loose so riding is pretty good
.. .. .. .Sun 8 am. .8-10" of fluffy snow accumulated so far. Wind has picked up and falling snow now blowing around.
FEB 14. . Ashuelot and Fort Hill again groomed last evening. A light snow is steadily falling. . . 8 am FEB 14 3 degrees ...Trails in good shape for a good but very cold ride this morning. Winchester's trails a good ride and in the Park all roads are groomed.. .. ..FRI .. Ashuelot and Fort Hill Traols are groomed and firm. Bitterly cold today so traffic should be light on our trails. Good possibility of snow starting tomorrow afternoon.. .. .. 8 am..Pisgah State Park trails have been groomed nicely. Here in Hinsdale the rail trails Ashuelot and Fort Hill are also nice and smooth. .. .. .. FEB 11...Rail trails Ashuelot and Fort Hill being groomed tonight. More snow coming! This is the season!.. .. ..Feb 10. . Winchester was out grooming tonight. Surface just like a highway. .. .. .. Feb 10..The snowfalls this January and February have not been a dense, wet snow but we do have very decent riding.. .. .. Feb 9. . .Another 8-10" of delicious stuff has fallen and snow continues to fall but is tapering off . .. . ..Feb 8. . . Rail trails were groomed Late Saturday night and now are nice and smooth but 4" snow fell overnight also so plenty of soft flying snow too.. .. Feb.7.. .. Tho temps didn't get above freezing and with all the traffic today the trails,Fort Hill and Ashuelot weren't slushy but snow was soft and chewed up. Temps tonight are ideal for a groom. Haven't seen any dragging on the woods trails. Tough go to Pisgah on the Bear Hill Trail but in the Park, roads are groomed.. .. . ..Feb 6. .The past couple days there has been a few inches of snow . Base is solid and riding good. 12" predicted for Sunday and Monday if storm conditions set up right. . . .. Feb 2. .Got about 10-11" here in Hinsdale. Other nearby measurements are as much as 14". This compresses however to about 2-3". But this on top of an established base can only help the riding. . . . JAN 30. . Rail trails Fort Hill and Ashuelot have been groomed and are in good shape. So far, the best riding yet this winter.. Got 3" of fresh wet snow this morn. Time to enjoy! Beware that some woods trails are not accessible Bear Hill is only accessed by the crossing at the curve on Plain Rd. That ride will be tough in a few places but you can get to Davis Trail in Pisgah using the Bear Hill Trail. A bridge is out on one of the connectors to Powerline Trail between Thicket Hill powerlines and Rt 119. All the roads In Pisgah State Park are groomed. .. .. .. .. .. . JAN 28 5pm. . . Gates are open so please watch for big Tucker groomers on the rail trails...I didn't find any dragged trails in the woods tho they are certainly passable. Besides Sunoco and T-Bird and A1 Pizza, there is now an additional source for fuel and snacks/beverages. Cross Rt 63 about one mile north of the Dole Parking lot.. .. ..Jan 27...Got about 4-6" fresh snow but is pretty much over now. Light fluff still falling and blowing. .. .. .. . Jan 21 25 degrees..Cold weather continuing. Exercise extreme caution while riding. If you have spiked tracks you are better prepared for the frozen and very hard-packed surfaces. Trails are cautiously rideable. Gates are not open and have not been open so no grooming has occured. . . .. . .. JAN 12:Fluffy snow this morning but total once compressed about .75" We have a very shallow base and no real cover so very poor riding conditions. . . . . JAN 5: We got 2" of snow Saturday followed by 2" of rain so there was a sloppy mess that is now frozen We are still not riding! . . . . . . JAN 3: ...How cruel can it get? Snow starts tomorrow@ 3pm, 5-8" then turns to rain at 4am Sunday and warms up to 47!. . . . ... ...DEC 15 came and went and n o, we haven't opened any gates. Matter of fact, the snow we had on the ground is gone.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Our System

The club annually seeks permission from private and municipal land owners, to use the trails here in Hinsdale. There is State of New Hampshire-owned railbed that PMTR maintains. All work: from clearing brush to cutting trees to the actual grooming; serving as officers, trail administrators, and directors is all volunteers driven. Our active-members are a tiny percent of total membership and without these people, this trail system will cease to exist. Realize that any time you can donate is not only appreciated but essential to keeping this club alive.